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  • How to grow rich
  • Erongo Jagd Verzeichnis
  • Reptiles of Namibia
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Namib (by J.Kinaha)


This is a story of human survival over the last one million years in the Namib Desert.


This is Namibia (by Cubitt & Joyce)

This is Namibia

Stunning photographs and an informative on Namibia brings to life the history, natural splendors, magnificent wildlife and diverse cultures of this beautiful and enigmatic land.


Geological Wonderland

Geological Wonderland

Das Buch vermittelt die wesentlichen geologischen Pro- zesse und erdgeschichtlichen Abläufe, welche die Naturräume dieses Landes über Millionen von Jahren haben entstehen lassen


Life is like a Kudu Horn (by M.Jacobsohn)

Cape Town journalist-turned-researcher Margaret Jacobsohn swapped city life for a remote Ovahimba settlement on the edge of Namibia's liberation war.